Our annual election for Bonehead of the Year is now closed.

"Honors" were bestowed not long after the broadcast del grande's first anniversary in 1997.  Back then, we didn't have much of an online presence -- so I arbitrarily named a man from my native Wichita, Kansas as our Bonehead of '97.  He was accused of stealing items from a shoe store.  During his trial, he was seen wearing boots stolen from said store.

Since then, we've narrowed a year's field down to five finalists and let you vote online for the "coveted" title of Bonehead of the Year.

The finalists' stories are below.

-Doug Morris

Joshua Campbell and Jessica Savory, Utah 

Utah authorities say this couple tried to rob a restaurant from the drive-thru lane.  Thing is employees didn't hand over money.  Police say Joshua Campbell and Jessica Savory later drove off and were pulled over. They tried running but police say the Savory surrendered. Campbell was later found in a corral full of cow manure.

Bryan Goney, Ohio

Authorities in Xenia, Ohio, say an inmate fell from a third-floor window at the county jail -- apparently after breaking the cell window and climbing through it.  The Greene County Sheriff's Office says a city employee found Bryan Goney lying on the sidewalk outside of the jail early one morning.   Goney was taken to a hospital for treatment of multiple fractures.  Authorities add Goney had been found guilty of robbery and kidnapping and was in jail awaiting final sentencing.

Ronnie Music Jr., Georgia 

What would you do with $3,000,000 in lottery winnings?  Authorities say Ronnie Music Jr. spent part of his prize money -- on drugs.  Records show Music won the three million in a scratch-off lottery game.  Prosecutors say he used the money to buy crystal meth to sell. He later was arrested in Tennessee after selling meth to a confidential informant.

Lawrence Sullivan, Florida

The Joker didn't get away this time.  Thing is the Bat Signal wasn't necessary to summon The Caped Crusader.  A police report in the Miami area notes Lawrence Sullivan was charged with carrying a concealed firearm.  His mugshot shows the word "Joker" and a knife-pierced Batman symbol across Sullivan's forehead -- while tattoos of long, stitched cuts are on each side of his mouth. His green hair matches that of the comic book and movie villain. Police say officers found a loaded handgun on the self-described tattoo model.

Harrison Wootton, Connecticut

Authorities say this bonehead of the year finalist was pulled over for DUI -- and wore a T-shirt that read, "Hold my beer and watch this."   The Hartford Courant reports Harrison Wootton crashed his car into a graveyard's low stone wall.   As if that weren't enough, officers found his vehicle was unregistered and uninsured.

Again, voting has closed.  We'll count up the votes and tell you who "won" December 17 on Rock 104's RockTrax.